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We remove pain out of procurement 

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The function of procurement is gradually transforming from a tactical team focused on reducing  costs to a strategic body tasked with maximising value to the company as a whole. Companies all around the globe are putting more pressure on their procurement departments to contribute strategically to the expansion of the company as a whole and provide long-term financial success. Procurement teams can't just keep doing what they've always done if they want to keep up with the demands of the modern business world.

Procurement is always working hard and looking for ways to add more value to the organisation and in order to accomplish stated objectives, the transformation of procurement from a tactical to a strategic value-add team requires a well-thought-out procurement transformation strategy and perfect execution.

Do you want to strengthen the position of procurement in your company?

Implementation is the biggest challenge to any transformation initiative. Organizations often go the route of developing complicated transformation road maps and implementation plans, frequently enlisting the help of outside experts, yet fail to reap the rewards in reality.

EPC takes a comprehensive approach to procurement transformation that aims to quickly create a high-performance procurement organisation, as we distinguish ourselves by supporting clients through every step of transformation and helping our clients improve their long-term financial performance while also enhancing their internal capabilities.

The procurement transformation framework can show you how to change your procurement department from a tactical cost centre to a strategic profit centre that adds value.

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The most common actions the company agrees with are often procurement categorization and vendor management. Outsourcing procurement has a number of advantages, such as freeing up internal staff members' time to concentrate on the company's core objectives, enabling higher productivity and efficiency in outsourced tasks, streamlining operations, and lowering total operational expenses.

Global procurement outsourcing services market was valued at USD 2.70 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 7.86 billion by 2029, registering a CAGR of 14.29% during the forecast period of 2022-2029.


As a leading procurement service provider, EPC offers solutions, integrated services, and end-to-end procurement outsourcing. Together, we can build the best approach to suit your specific strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Savings-Focused Procurement Outsourcing Services

  • Spend Analysis

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Sourcing Support

  • Tail-Spend Management


Operations-Focused Procurement Outsourcing Services

  • Transactions Management

  • Contract Management

  • Sourcing Process Management

  • Tracking & Compliance

Our Services

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