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CIPS Level 2
(Certificate in Procurement and Supply)

120 Hrs.


This is the first of CIPS entry level qualifications and is suitable for those who want to specialise in a specific is ideal for you if you're just starting your career or if procurement and supply is part of your role.

It will prepare learners for work by giving them the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge, technical and practical skills, and to apply these skills in work-related environments. This qualification supports learners within operational roles within the procurement and supply profession.

CIPS qualifications are regulated internationally to ensure we offer a recognised, professional standard in procurement and supply.

What Will You Learn?

Based on the Tactical and Operational levels of CIPS Global Standard, you will come away with a clear knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and processes related to procurement and supply. You will be able to effectively interpret information and ideas, and learn how to identify, gather and use relevant information.

upon completion of this qualification; you will be able to recognise and describe the key transactional processes of procurement and supply.

Who is it for?

For anyone new to the profession, with little or no business experience and those aspiring to move into a career in procurement and supply.
It is also ideal for managers in other professions and business leaders or entrepreneurs who need to understand how procurement should function and its overall impact on business success.
  • Students

  • Fresh graduates

  • Administrative assistant

  • Purchasing assistant

  • Contracts administrator

  • Stock controller

  • Anyone aiming to work in procurement and supply and have no experience or procurement background

Level Description